Knitted Brontosaurus

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Your little palaeontologist will love to cuddle and play with their own knitted brontosaurus. This long-necked blue dinosaur is perfect to hug, with soft textured fabrics that are a sensory treat for young hands. Whether they're acting out stories from the dinosaur age, or simply relaxing with their new friend at bedtime, your little one will love this adorable soft toy dino.

The knitted brontosaurus uses many different types of fabric and material, all extra soft and easy to hold. This dinosaur plush can easily be taken out and about or kept at home for playroom fun or as a bedtime companion. Create new stories about this dinosaur, using your little one's active imagination, or use it as an empathy toy to encourage talk about feelings and emotions. How will this dinosaur feel? Can your child tell their new dino friend all about their day at school? Children often open up more readily to their cuddly toys and will no doubt love sharing stories with this knitted brontosaurus.

  • Soft and cuddly dinosaur plush toy.

  • Great for bedtime, or out-and-about adventures.

  • Encourages empathy, creativity and storytelling skills.

  • Based on the long-necked brontosaurus dinosaur.

  • Soft fabrics with various different textures.

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3 years+


A.B. Gee

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