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This white knitted seal, complete with black eyes and whiskers, is a cute and cuddly addition to your child's bedroom toy box. This is an easy to carry soft toy, with a snuggly texture, that your little one will simply adore.

Whether they're going shopping with mum and dad, playing at home or settling down for a bedtime story, children love their companion soft toys. Plush and well-made, this seal will join them on everyday adventures. Younger children will enjoy the comfort and security this toy brings, whilst older ones will love having this soft toy seal to decorate their bedroom and to lie down with at night.

Encouraging your child to use their imagination and develop their storytelling skills, this knitted seal can be used to act out ocean scenes and stories from their favourite books. Or, build your child's empathy and confidence by communicating through their new seal friend. Made of high-quality materials, this small soft toy is a friend that they can take wherever they go.

  • Cuddly soft toy with a knitted texture.

  • Easy to carry, hold and hug.

  • Ideal for storytelling and empathy-building activities.

  • A great friend for bedtime and all through the day.

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Recommended age:

3 years+


A.B. Gee

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