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Enjoy adventures under the sea, bringing stories to life and having lots of fun with this cuddly knitted shark. A great soft toy for children of all ages, this shark might have sharp teeth but could easily become a best friend.

If you're looking for a fun soft toy for toddlers and preschoolers, or a decoration to fit in with an ocean-themed bedroom, then this is an excellent choice. Made of high-quality materials, this shark features a grey knit upper (complete with a fin!) and a fleecy white underside. He's soft and textured, perfect for cuddles and easy to carry around.

Your child will love to go on adventures with their new undersea friend or to cuddle up at night in time for a bedtime story. This shark will no doubt protect them from any imagined monsters under the bed and can be used to soothe fears of the dark. You might also like to use shark to build storytelling skills, imagination and empathy, creating a wide range of scenarios for this little shark to get his teeth into. However they play, your little one will love this soft and cuddly plush.

  • Beautiful shark toy with knitted and fleecy textures.

  • Ideal for building empathy and imagination.

  • A great protector to soothe bedtime fears.

  • Cuddly, soft and easy to carry.

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3 years+


A.B. Gee

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