Lamaze Busy Bug High Chair Table Top Baby Toy

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Ideal for keeping your baby amused while in their high chair, the Lamaze Busy Bug High Chair Table Top Baby Toy is designed for babies from six months and older. With strong suction cups on the bottom, this sticky tray toy is easily attached to any flat surface with no risk of it falling off, no matter how strong the baby pulls it. Designed for a baby’s hands, it’s completely safe to use.

Perfect for situations when you need to put your baby down to prepare a meal, wipe something clean or just run to get something from the closet, it includes a bug character that you can bend. It has several parts and different shapes that help your baby develop motor skills. Plus, enhance your baby’s coordination with hoops that can be slid along bars and bug’s arms which can be pulled.

A strong spring keeps the toy and its parts bouncing, teaching your child the relationship between cause and effect. Colourful and adorable, the Lamaze Busy Bug High Chair Table Top Baby Toy also produces rattling sounds for maximum entertainment. A spin mechanism at the bottom allows you to set the toy’s bendability to your own preference, keeping it either still or loose enough for your baby to move it any way around.

  • Not suitable for babies younger than 6 months Strong suction cups and controllable flexibility

  • Easily attached to flat surfaces

  • Features different geometrical shapes and rattling sounds

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6 months+



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