Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon


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Fun really takes off in a whole new way for your baby with the Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon.

This cute and colourful dragon provides stimulation for your little one in more ways than one. Listen to your baby’s giggles as Flip Flap Dragon flaps his wings up and down. Pull on his white chord to make this happen and his satin purple wings will make him fly right in front of your baby’s wide eyes. This playtime together lets your baby learn cause and effect, and you’ll enjoy the happy reaction too!

When you’re on the go, why not bring Flip Flap Dragon by Lamaze along? As he’s only little, flying by himself might be tiring so clip him onto your baby’s stroller using the same handy white hook you pull to make him fly. The hook’s size and simple design mean it can attach onto anything, including baby’s car seat, cot and play mat. This means the lovable dragon is never too far away from your baby, who can reach him easily for fun play.

When grabbing this soft toy created by Lamaze, your baby’s sense of touch is heightened by the six different textures over Flip Flap Dragon’s body. The contrasting colours and patterns of the various materials also help to focus your baby’s eyes. Squeak! Your baby has just squeezed this friendly dragon’s cheeks, and now it’s time to giggle at the crinkle sounds of his feet.

  • Different textures to explore

  • Contrasting colours help to engage eyesight

  • Fun sounds and flapping wings

  • A handy clip to take this interactive toy anywhere

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1 month+



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