Lamaze My Friend Emily

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The Lamaze My Friend Emily will definitely become your baby’s first best friend. With a big smile, a colourful outfit and lots of fun features, your baby won’t want to stop playing with her.

Helping to develop baby’s fine motor skills, the various textures include soft velour and wool to encourage grabbing and touching. The bold colours and bright patterns increase eyesight awareness as the vision is stimulated. Sound is also a fun feature of My Friend Emily by Lamaze. Her rings clink and her necklace rattles, delighting your baby during play. Grabbing them for the reward of the captivating sounds also teaches your baby about cause and effect.

On top of My Friend Emily’s big floppy hat, a big clip means she can stay close to baby even when on the go. Simply clip her to a changing bag or the stroller for continued fun.

  • Different textures to encourage grab and grip play for touch sensations

  • Bright colours and mixed patterns help the eyes focus

  • Fun sounds hone auditory senses and teach cause and effect

  • A handy clip ensures the fun continues when on the move

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Recommended age:

1 month+



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