Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle Toy

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Suitable for babies from their first days, the Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle Toy will keep them entertained and smiling. Shaking this toy doesn’t only produce amusing noises, but also emits lights that will appeal to children and stimulate their visual perception.

With three different rainbow shades, the Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle Toy is motion-activated and designed to fit a baby’s small hands. Its handle gives babies a firm grip and the round edges prevent them from getting hurt. The base allows you to store the toy upright, making it easier to store and balance. Moreover, two soft eyes on the top and several pips on the sides are perfect for chewing once your baby starts teething.

Helping your young one develop motor skills, this bug-resembling rattle is durable and can entertain your baby for a long time. Best of all, you can take it with you even during walks or longer trips, since it's light and small, making it easy to pack.

Also, if your baby has trouble sleeping, this toy is your perfect ally. Try shaking it in the dark to create an even better light effect that will grab your baby’s attention. Effective for stopping your little one from crying, this rattle is a must-have for happy babies.

  • Rattles when shaken with a rainbow light show

  • Soft eyes and pips for chewing

  • Light and easy to store and pack

  • Designed for babies from birth

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Recommended age:

1 month+



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