Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings

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Treat the little one in your life to a magical treat with Tilly Twinklewings. Known for their durable toys, TOMY's playful pink unicorn is no exception. Suitable for babies and children of all ages, Tilly Twinklewings is the portable plaything that your child won't want to leave the house without!

Complete with a sturdy clip that allows you to clip her on to your stroller, diaper bag or carry seat, Tilly was designed with fun on the go in mind.

She encourages sensory play via her variety of different materials and features, thus aiding your baby's development. Her colourful rainbow ribbon mane and silvery horn make Tilly cute and sparkly on the eye, whilst her clip-clop hooves and crinkly wings will keep your child enthralled. She also has a super-soft pink body and knotty ribbon legs that will encourage your child to explore through touch.

TOMY's Tilly Twinklewings is the perfect gift for your little one, promising endless magical fun that you can take with you wherever you go.

  • Suitable for babies and children of all ages

  • Clip-on for secure travel

  • Multi-sensory plush toy to aid children's development

  • The perfect magical gift

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1 month+



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