Le Toy Van ABC Wooden Blocks

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Through A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s, this classic wooden block and numbers set stands the test of time.

Help your little one to strengthen their early reading, counting and motor development skills using the Le Toy Van ABC Wooden Blocks. As well as the traditional letters and numbers, these wooden blocks also include shapes and illustrations, enabling you to tailor your little one's experience depending on their stage of development, and of course to make the whole experience more interactive and exciting!

The wooden blocks are printed with beautifully illustrated shapes which can be put together to make larger pictures (the crab is our favourite!), helping not only to develop shape recognition but also quite literally providing them with the building blocks for critical thinking.

The perfect addition to any toy box, Le Toy Van ABC Wooden Blocks are the next step in early literacy, numeracy and logic skills development, improving on the classic sets we all remember.

  • Soft pastel coloured lettering.

  • Unique screen-printed designs and illustrations.

  • Smooth safe edges, perfect for smaller hands.

  • Upper and lower case letters, numbers and added shape features.

  • Handy wooden base tray with printed alphabet letters - tidying up is a breeze and part of the fun!

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1 year+


Le Toy Van

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