Le Toy Van Motorbike

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The Le Toy Van Motorbike would make a fantastic addition to any wooden toy collection.

The brightly painted wooden bike is 12.5cm high, so it's just the right height for Le Toy Van's Budkins figures to hop on the saddle! Your little one will love taking their Budkins on a road trip around their little wooden town. They can even try out a few stunt moves!

The motorbike is also the perfect size to use with other playsets and playmats that you may have at home.

As well as encouraging children to explore their creative side through imaginative play, there are lots of different ways that playing with this little toy motorbike can aid their development. By rolling it around the floor, your little one will not only be improving their motor skills, but also learning about cause and effect.

The Le Toy Van Motorbike is made from soft rubberwood and is finished to a high standard, so you can rest assured that it's both safe and robust enough to withstand hours of playtime!

  • Manufacturer recommended age 3 years and above.

  • Product dimensions 19.6cm x 12.5cm x 7.5cm.

  • Ethically made from replenishable wood.

  • Made and painted by hand.

  • Paintwork features fun retro detailing.

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3 years+


Le Toy Van

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