Le Toy Van Noah's Balancing Ark

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This addictive Balancing Ark game is a fantastic educational toy ideal for boys and girls aged one to three years old. Constructed from sustainable rubberwood, the game features a swaying ark with 10 wooden animals that have been painted to a high standard using safe, water-based paints.

Little ones will develop their hand-eye coordination by attempting to pile the animals on top of one another without them falling. This will also improve their dexterity as they try to lightly assemble the ark to its maximum capacity.

Parents can also encourage their children to sort the animals by matching them together in pairs. The set features pairs of purple foxes, blue penguins, green crocodiles, yellow giraffes and orange lions.

Perfect for social and individual play, children will also love the excitement of knocking the animals back down. Can you get all the animals on the ark to stay balanced?

  • Fun rocking ark decorated with a whale and dove.

  • Includes 5 pairs of colourful animals.

  • Manufactured from sustainable materials.

  • Recommended by the Good Toy Guide.

  • Helps develop cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Suitable for both boys and girls age between one and three.

  • Dimensions: 4 x 12.9 x 20.4cm

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Le Toy Van

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