LeapFrog LeapStart Spy Maths Activity Book 

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Your child becomes a super-sleuth while working through the LeapFrog LeapStart Spy Maths Activity Book, helping Opal Possum to track down Sneaks Weasel, who’s on the run. Early maths skills combined with fun-filled activities are the way to catch Sneaks before he disappears forever, and your little spy can look forward to a reward sticker for each successful activity.

So where has Sneaks Weasel gone? Your little one needs to work out the answers to addition and subtraction sums to discover which path Sneaks has taken to leave town. Keys have to be found to unlock the costume shop’s door to reveal which disguise Sneaks is using. Audio and picture clues about time need to be solved so that the investigation doesn’t run out of time.

Let your super-sleuth spin the Spy Decoder to help solve puzzles, which is a great way to improve critical thinking. After all this problem-solving, Opal Possum is feeling peckish, so it’s time to visit the café to order a fraction of a tasty pie.

  • For use with the LeapFrog LeapStart 3D

  • Each time this sleuth game is played, different clues are uncovered

  • Every page sings, talks, tells jokes and offers other audio fun

  • This fun-filled activity book helps your child to tell the time, understand values and fractions, learn mathematical reasoning and try critical thinking.

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5 years+



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