Learning Resources Coding Critters: Ranger & Zip

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Let your little ones have fun with their first coding buddies, Ranger and Zip. A fun yet educational toy, the puppies Ranger and Zip will bring hours of giggles and fun times while letting your children have an insight into the world of technology. All without the need for a screen, the learning resources coding critters comes with a fun storybook which offers a whole range of coding for your four to eight-year-olds. Why wait to introduce your children to STEM concepts which they will use when they head to school.

Dog mad kids will love cute Ranger and Zip who are adorable and will become your kid's new favourite toys. Let your child's imagination go wild as they help Ranger and Zip get up to all sorts of fun and games. Your child can teach them to fetch a ball or even go for a ride on the slide. Using the storybook, they will have fun challenges to complete which makes this a perfect educational toy. If your child just wants to have a play with their new toys, they can just set the dogs to play mode and then enjoy feeding and taking care of their beloved pooch.

  • A great toy for 4-8-year-old children.

  • Each set consists of two dogs and a colourful storybook.

  • A fun and educational toy to introduce your child to coding.

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