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Sometimes, talking to children can be difficult. If your questions are often met by shrugs or the words 'I can't remember', then you need a set of Conversation Cubes. These wooden dice each feature a question on every single side, with inspiring open-ended questions that can trigger a lengthy conversation. Children feel less pressured to respond to questions that have come from the Conversation Cube, whilst adults can use these conversation starters to learn more about their child's inner thoughts.

The beautiful thing about Conversation Cubes is that they're an all-age activity. Use them to start conversations with elderly relatives, or as a whole family together. Questions include 'Name a time when you were scared' and 'What makes you unique?', as well as simple starters like 'Do you have a pet?'. Use Conversation Cubes in your own home, or to build rapport in a professional setting with any child or adult. With six cubes in total, there are 36 questions that might trigger different discussions every time. As they interact, children learn important speaking and listening skills.

  • 36 questions on six wooden dice.

  • Develops speaking and listening skills.

  • Ideal conversation starters

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Learning Resources

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