Learning Resources Fraction Tower Equivalency Cubes

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Stimulate all learning styles with Learning Resources Fraction Tower Equivalency cubes. Made from durable, brightly coloured plastic, these cubes help children to visualise fractions which will enhance their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages.

How it works

Hands-on tower building helps children understand the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages. Colour coding makes learning fun which means it’s easy for children to make a connection between different denominations while the physical act of building a tower stimulates a range of senses to aid understanding.

Activities like naming fractions helps children learn terms like numerator and denominator, while comparing and ordering fractions means children get a strong visual trigger for relative size. More advanced children can use the tower building set to explore improper fractions and mixed numbers, as well as modelling the ways fractions work.

What’s in the box?

51 interlocking brightly coloured cubes, as well as a multilingual activity guide.

  • Ideal education tool for children aged 6-10.

  • Hands-on activity that appeals to a range of learning styles.

  • Build a tower up to 12 centimetres high.

  • Can be combined with other rainbow fraction learning resources for maximum appeal.

  • Online activities available for a range of ages and abilities.

Product information

Recommended age:

6 years+


Learning Resources

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