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Have you ever seen a snail shell close up? How about the surface of a coin? These are the educational delights that await your child when they use the GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope. There's no need to mess with fiddly, delicate glass slides. Instead, just put an item of your choice onto the microscope's tray. Look through the binocular lenses, and examine everything from a cookie to a cat hair close up! There's an LED light to illuminate objects and a focus adjuster with a large turning dial that young children can use on their own.

Your little scientist will love to study the things that they see every day. They'll be amazed by patterns, and will get an early introduction into basic science equipment. Designed for young children, the Learning Resources GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope is sturdy and can be used by preschoolers. Give them an early introduction to the STEM world, with 8x magnification of anything you find around the home. Let your curious scientist see everyday objects in a completely new light.

  • Magnifies objects 8x

  • Designer for preschool and primary school children.

  • Features an LED light for clearer viewing.

  • A fantastic educational STEM toy.

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3 years+


Learning Resources

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