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Develop your little one's fine and gross motor skills, with Learning Resources Handy Tools that can be used in so many different ways. From large plastic tweezers for picking up objects, to scooping scissors and a wiggly pipette, children can have so much fun with this collection of sturdy plastic tools. Can they use the tweezers to pick up beads, or the scooper for a bowl full of flour? There are four different learning resources, all of which can be used on dry land or with simple additions like water. You'll get the Gator Grabber, Twisty Dropper, Squeezy Tweezer and Handy Scooper. These are similar to tools used in nurseries and preschools, for continuing their learning at home.

Learning Resources Handy Tools are brightly coloured and easy to hold. As your child uses these tools, they'll strengthen the muscles in their hands. Those same muscles are used for all sorts of activities, from writing to brushing their teeth, which means that it's incredibly important to find practical toys that can help. As children have fun, they won't even realise that you're preparing them for future success!

  • Four sturdy tools for fun.

  • Toys that develop fine and gross motor skills.

  • Can be used to interact with objects already in your home.

  • Ideal for preschool age.

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3 years+


Learning Resources

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