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Bring maths to life with Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes. In this set, get 100 coloured cubes that connect in several different ways. Also known as multilink, these Mathlink Cubes have been used for decades in schools. From simple counting and colour sorting to complex mathematical sums, kids can use them to visualise almost any maths problem. They can calculate area, identify patterns and use them for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. In fact, the opportunities are almost endless.

Easy for small hands to hold, the Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes can even be used by preschool children. This is an educational toy that will grow with your child, from their earliest math lessons right through to their GCSEs! Mathlink Cubes can also be used for building colourful structures and shapes, so that the fun doesn't end when the maths lesson draws to a close. Each cube has a geometric shape cut out of every side, to add an extra element of challenge to any work you're doing with patterns.

  • A favourite maths tool for generations.

  • 100 colourful cubes with geometric shapes.

  • Almost endless opportunities to bring maths questions to life.

  • Long-lasting educational equipment from preschool through to GCSEs.

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5 years+


Learning Resources

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