Learning Resources Pop for Sight Words Game

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With the Learning Resources Pop for Sight Words Game, children will develop those all-important early reading skills. This is a popcorn box full of popcorn cards, each containing a simple sight word. Words on the cards include 'big', 'fun' and 'pretty', aimed at younger children in EYFS or early Key Stage 1. To play, a child must draw a card and read the word that's written on it. If they get it right, they'll keep it and add it to their own pile. If they get it wrong, it returns to the box. But, beware of the 'POP!' cards that will make them return every card in their collection.

Learning Resources Pop for Sight Words Game can be played by one child or more. With multiple players, everyone competes for the biggest pile of popcorn at the end. Children will learn 92 high-frequency words, which they'll come across frequently as they start to read books. They'll learn to go from blending sounds to recognising each word in seconds, making their reading more fluent and increasing their literary confidence.

  • Teaches early reading and literacy skills.

  • 92 high-frequency word cards included.

  • Can be played alone or with multiple players.

  • Ideal for children in EYFS and early Key Stage 1.

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Learning Resources

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