Learning Resources Sand and Water Fine Motor Tool Set

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What child doesn't love getting messy? Messy play, with sand and water, can keep little ones occupied for hours! Sand and water may not seem like teaching tools, but there's so much that children get out of them. As they play with sand and water, they'll learn the basics of science including chemistry and physics. They'll develop their fine and gross motor skills, whilst developing manual control that can help them with activities like writing.

Messy plan is great for the brain. And, by playing outdoors, your child gets valuable fresh air. With the Learning Resources Sand and Water Fine Motor Tool Set, children can have fun with a variety of tools that test their mental and physical skills. The set includes tools for digging, scraping, pumping, squeezing and scooping. It's everything your child needs for a day on the beach, play in the bath, the paddling pool or sand and water tables. These sturdy toys will last for years, even when enjoyed by an overzealous toddler!

  • Great sand and water toys for all different environments.

  • Boosts important fine and gross motor skills.

  • Fun messy play equipment.

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3 years+


Learning Resources

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