Learning Resources Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game

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Introduce little ones to basic mathematical problems through a brilliant swamp-based board game!

Work your way around the muddy swamp through adding and subtracting numbers, and try to be the first player to reach the finish square to claim victory!

Players roll three dice to get a basic addition or subtraction sum, using numbers 0-6, and move their playing pieces the corresponding number of squares.

The Learning Resources Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game is a great way to introduce young children to simple maths through a fun game, which all the family can join in with.

Sum Swamp is ideal for a weekend or after school game as it’s easy to set up and quick to play. It can even be used as a fun tool to encourage little ones to get their homework done, as it can be creatively used to incorporate maths homework too.

  • Suitable for children aged five years and up.

  • Designed for two to four players.

  • Great way to introduce children to basic mathematical problems, including adding and subtracting.

  • Perfect weekend or after school activity to keep young minds engaged.

  • Swamp-based board game.

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5 years+


Learning Resources

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