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When we were young, we had to learn our times tables through endless repetition and testing. Today's kids have a wealth of more exciting resources, including Times Table Swat! This fun and educational times tables game is ideal from KS1 onwards. It teaches times tables up to 12 and is sure to have your little one laughing. Kids must work out the correct answer, and swat the fly with it on. There are plastic fly swatters for up to four players - who can swat the right fly fastest?

Learning Resources Times Table Swat! can be used for competitive play. Or, your child can play alone and take as much time as they need. They'll learn maths easily, in a memorable way and with a game that they really want to play. Extra power-ups, like 'Stuck in the Jam' and 'Fly Spray', add an optional extra element. Make boring recitals a thing of the past, teaching times tables in an interactive way that children will really engage with.

  • A fun times tables learning game.

  • Suitable for up to four players.

  • Competitive, or play alone.

  • A maths game designed for children aged 6 and over.

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6 years+


Learning Resources

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