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A beautiful interactive book that's fun, educational and filled with charming illustrations, Lifesize is a treat for children from toddler age up into primary school. It's the kind of book that can be enjoyed for many years, with new things to learn every time.

With this book, your child can compare themselves to a variety of different wild animals. They can high five a polar bear, see who has the biggest paws and measure their tongue to compare it with that of a giraffe. Filled with gorgeous pictures, and educational facts about the animal kingdom, this is a book that's sure to capture a child's imagination. What would they look like with a giant squid eye? Why are an elephant's ears so big?

Lifesize is a creative non-fiction book by author Sophy Henn, who is also known for children's stories including Where Bear?, which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. If your child has any interest in animals and wildlife, then they're sure to love Lifesize and all of its fascinating facts.

  • An educational non-fiction book for young children.

  • Compare yourself to animals - how do you measure up?

  • Filled with interesting facts about the animal kingdom.

  • Beautifully illustrated, from creator Sophy Henn.

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