Little Red Reading Hood

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An entertaining new spin on the classic fairytale, Little Red Reading Hood learns that straying from a story is much more fun than straying from a path. This delightful children's picture book is a twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, where this time a wolf tries to lure her away from her goal of reaching the library.

Celebrating everything that's wonderful about books, Little Red Reading Hood is the perfect bedtime story to share with children. It's a poetic rhyming story by Lucy Rowland, and is illustrated in bright colours with magical pictures by Ben Mantle. This story will inspire children to enjoy reading, and to learn to love using their own imagination.

Little Red Reading Hood is written in a way that makes it perfect for reading out loud. But, more confident young readers will also enjoy sitting on their own with this story. Each page features a short paragraph of fairly simple rhyming sentences, great for those just moving on from early reader stories.

  • A beautifully written, poetic take on a traditional fairytale story.

  • Magical illustrations by Ben Mantle.

  • Celebrates a love of reading and using your imagination.

  • Perfect as a bedtime story, or for reading alone.

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