Little Tikes Tap A Tune Drum

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This Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune drum has been designed for little ones to take their first steps into the musical world. The drum is lightweight and just the right size for young children to hold and engage with musical creativity.

The brightly coloured drum is presented in blue, yellow and red which invites young children to touch and interact with it.

The two chunky and easy to grip drumsticks can be easily stored with the use of the stick on clips that are positioned on either side. The drumsticks can be used on the top of the drum for that authentic drum sound, or alternatively they can be used on the side of the drum that has a washboard surface. Little ones can also use their hands to drum out a beat on the top of the drum.

This brightly coloured Little Tikes drum has rounded edges and no small parts, making it suitable for children aged 1 and up.

  • The drum can be played as a simple drum or as a washboard.

  • Includes stick-on clip holders for drumstick storage.

  • All edges are smooth and rounded, so no sharp edges.

  • Stimulates creative musical play and cause and effect play.

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1 year+


Little Tikes

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