Little Tikes Tap A Tune Xylophone

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Tiny tots who love music will get hours of joy out of the Tap a Touch Xylophone from Little Tikes. This cute and colourful instrument produces a full octave of tones, so kids can play any tune they please. Included with this toy is a set of easy to read music cards, helping your child to explore a variety of songs and learn how to play along. Wheels and a handle mean this little xylophone can easily be pulled along wherever your little one goes, and its rounded corners make it totally safe for toddlers.

This adorable toy is bright and appealing and is a great way to introduce kids to all the fun of music and rhythm. It’s also fantastic for developing dexterity and hand-eye coordination, as well as encouraging creativity. Kids will be endlessly inspired and entertained as they learn all about tone, pitch, and rhythm with this exciting toy instrument.

  • Suitable for age two years plus.

  • Features colourful chimes that produce an octave of tones.

  • Great for learning about rhythm and music and developing dexterity.

  • Includes easy to follow music cards.

  • Includes wheels and a handle.

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2 years+


Little Tikes

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