Lottie Stables Wooden Playset

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There's always lots to do down at the stables on Greendale Farm. Grooming the ponies the ponies is such a lovely job that it doesn't really feel like work. And the ponies seem to enjoy it as much as we do. Mucking out the stalls can be really hard work but there's usually a treat for us when we've finished: a fantastic walk along the beautiful beach with our ponies!

  • Two horse stalls with tradition style half doors.

  • Horse tack room with bench, shelf and hanging hooks.

  • Detailed doors with working wood bolt latch.

  • Removable roof in Lottie’s signature scalloped style for easy access play.

  • Brick detail walls.

  • Drinking trough.

  • Freestanding wooden fences.

  • NOTE: Doll and Pony Accessories not included and to be ordered separately.

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3 years+



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