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Magformers make building fun with magnets! This pack contains 14 magnetic construction pieces designed to stick together and hold whatever shape little builders want to create. Thick pieces with rounded edges make for easy handling, and pieces don’t shift or fall apart while a shape is being constructed.

With 8 triangular Magformers and 6 squares, kids can build anything from a 2D house to a 3D prism, marvelling at the rainbow colours and immediate flexibility of these ideal building pieces.

Younger kids can work on spatial reasoning, problem-solving and creative play just by assembling their own structures and constructions, while older kids can work on their empathetic thinking and visual perception with guessing games (“What has Daddy built?”) and logic-based challenges (“Can you build something just using triangles?” or “Can you figure out how to build a cat with only six pieces?”)

14 pieces are enough to try out Magformers and see if 3D building is for you, and the Magformers digital idea book is always available for creative suggestions on what to build, even categorising suggestions by the number of pieces.Great for children who love Lego or construction sets.

  • Consists of 8 triangles and 6 squares.

  • 14 Neodymium magnets in protective ABS plastic cases.

  • All Magformers products are compatible, meaning you can always grow your set.

  • Develops creative thinking and imagination.

  • Check out the Idea Book - you will be amazed by how many different models can be built with just 14 pieces!

  • Digital Idea Book:

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3 years+



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