Magformers 30 Piece Set

Magformers 30 Piece Set


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Magformers are the original magnetic building set guaranteed to make building fun. This set includes 30 magnetic construction pieces (12 triangles and 18 squares) in colourful rainbow plastic covers sure to delight young builders.

Build 2D pictures or 3D structures with the assurance that pieces will click together and hold their form even with ambitious projects, meaning far less frustration and more quiet, self-guided, creative play. Help them work on their spatial reasoning, visual perception, and concrete planning skills as they work to erect creative structures, and work on imaginative and empathetic play with parent guided challenges (“Can you build a house?”) and logic puzzles (“Can you use all 30 pieces without any square touching more than two triangles?”)

Learn about shapes and basic building logic, as your child learns how flat squares and triangles can create rectangles, cubes, and even spheres. If you’re struggling for ideas, check out the Magformers digital idea booklet – you’ll be amazed what you can build with only a few pieces, and staggered with the creative opportunities 30 Magformers can offer.Great for children who love Lego or construction sets.

  • Free-spinning Neodymium magnets set in ABS plastic cases always rotate to attract, meaning that Magformers never repel each other in a construction.

  • Offers great educational value: fun, creativity and colour-coding

  • Includes 30 pieces: 12 triangles and 18 squares

  • Allows children to design unique structures using different colours

  • Gives opportunities to build complex 3D structures such as houses, small castles, and spheres with focus on specific colour

  • Reinforces skills and brain development: children can build some combined geometric shapes such as rectangles, large squares and rhombs

  • Digital Idea Booklet:

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3 years+



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