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Developing minds love the creative possibilities of construction toys which let them run wild as they explore the world around them. My First Magformers 54 Piece Set is the perfect introduction to magnetic construction and the open-ended play and creation that they give your budding builder. Allowing the construction of 2D and 3D structures of anything real or imaginary the only limit is your child's unlimited creativity!

Build following the digital idea book and enjoy learning the names of fruit, animals, and other objects. Or, alternatively, let your child construct whatever they can think of as they follow their imagination and enjoy the freedom and endless possibilities of freestyle building. Aiding in the development of cognitive and spatial skills this set is an ideal toy for learning through play.

My First Magformers 54 Piece Set contains brightly coloured pieces in the following shapes: squares, trapezoids, triangles, rectangles, and diamonds. All of which connect to one another using safe neodymium magnets to ensure strong connections. You really can make anything with My First Magformers 54 Piece Set. 

  • Certified for children under three and is perfectly safe for children of all ages

  • Includes 54 magnetic pieces, 12 triangles and 24 squares

  • Also includes diamonds, traipziods and rectangles

  • Comes in a handy storage box which closes like a book and has special compartments to keep the set pieces together

  • My First 54 set series is the first Magformers construction set for 3-D brain development

  • Digital Idea Book:

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