Magformers Sky Track Play 44 Piece Set

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Magformers are the perfect toy for any child who likes to use their imagination. This awesome 44 piece train set combines the thrill of the railways with the chance to engage in some fun construction. Your little one simply uses the innovative magnetic Magformers pieces as the base before adding in rail track pieces on top. These rail track pieces clip in easily and transform the set into a monorail track. The real fun is in how it can go upside down and up, as well as around like normal.

An ultra-modern sky shuttle figure is included in the set and there is also a shuttle lift to take it between levels. You are both sure to love not only building different tracks layouts with this gift but also sending the shuttle on its way. The included Magformer pieces are compatible with other sets for even greater longevity of play. If you want a fun toy that will also help them develop key motor and building skills, this is it.Great for children who love Lego or construction sets.

  • Bright, fun and modern looking train set toy

  • 44 easy to use magnetic and clip-in track pieces

  • Build a different track configuration every time!

  • Set includes shuttle, lift, shuttle spinner and start-stop track

  • Works with other Magformer sets

  • Superb toy for helping stimulate their creativity and motor skills Digital Idea Book:

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3 years+



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