Marie 30cm Rag Doll

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In a beautiful pink and white floral dress, this Marie rag doll stands a total of 30cm tall. She's a beautiful soft toy with ballet-style shoes and lovely pink ribbons in her hair. Made of various fabrics in a variety of textures, this traditional plush doll is an excellent addition to any toy box.

Your little one will love sharing their day-to-day activities with their new soft toy friend. From telling the doll about their day at school to cuddling up for bedtime stories, they'll enjoy every minute with their new companion. The Marie rag doll is well-made and sturdy, able to join them on all of their adventures. Why not use Marie as an empathy doll, helping young children to identify how Marie might feel in various different situations? Or, your child can make up their very own stories.

This Marie soft toy rag doll is the perfect size for cuddles and snuggles, with soft fabrics that are sure to appeal to toddlers and older children. She's a bedtime friend for little ones, made to withstand a lot of love.

  • 30cm plush rag doll.

  • Beautiful traditional soft toy.

  • Promotes empathy, creativity and imaginative storytelling.

  • The perfect buddy for bedtime.

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Recommended age:

3 years+


A.B. Gee

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