Marvel Ant-Man - Medium Costume

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Transform into your favourite American superhero character with the medium Marvel Ant-Man suit. Incorporated with a belt, boots, and mask, the full-body jumpsuit uniquely mirrors the real Marvel Ant-Man. The suit comes with detailed prints and colour that closely follows the original design of the superhero’s gear so that everyone recognises you as a Marvel comics’ character from the moment they see you. With its special design, the medium size costume is a unisex piece that covers the whole body.

The suit is comfortable to wear as it is made of breathable fabric that is light enough to let you see through, breathe through, and even drink water through it. You can, therefore, dress up in your marvel ant-man superhero’s attire and let no one see you when attending parties, festivals, games, or Halloween. If one needs to free the head, the costume can be easily unzipped to let you pull out the hood. Just like the Ant-Man from the movie is on a mission to save the world, employ the same secret powers by adorning the Marvel Ant-Man suit. With this, you will shrink and still maintain your powers to bring down the enemies within no time.

  • Medium size suitable for children aged 5 to 6 years old.

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5 years+


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