Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet

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Release your inner bad guy with this awesome electronic Avengers Infinity Gauntlet!

When Thanos decides to take over the galaxy, his first mission is to obtain the six different infinity stones, leaving a trail of destruction in his path. He stores the stones in his impressive golden gauntlet, and with a click of his fingers wipes out half of the universe. Can the Avengers stop him in and undo the damage he's caused?

This electronic fist will spark any child’s imagination with its captivating lights and sounds. To activate the Gauntlet’s mighty movie-inspired sounds, simply push the middle button on the fist. Press the middle button again and watch the centre light glow brightly. This toy will ignite your child’s imagination, leaving the destiny of the universe in their hands.

Inspired by the Avengers: Infinity War film, this Infinity Gauntlet will fit most children’s hand sizes.

Mix and match with other Avengers inspired toys for hours of adventure inspired role play.

  • 9.75 inches (24.8 cm) in length.

  • Requires 2x AAA batteries which are included.

  • Suitable for ages 5 and up.

  • Warning: Contains fragrances that may cause allergies

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5 years+



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