Marvel Hulk - Medium Costume

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Get ready to take out the bad guys and unleash the power of your child's imagination with this Marvel Hulk costume. Perfect for the little rampaging terror in your life with the heart of a hero, it is lightweight and easy to clean. All in one, the polyester jumpsuit has built-in shoe covers.

The costume is comfortable, easy to move in, and lets your little hero get ready for world-saving action. It comes with a mask displaying Hulk's classic angry face to complete the look.

Fans of Endgame will be ready to take on threats as big as the evil Thanos with this costume, which encourages creative play and fun.

Whether they are on a solo adventure at home or teaming up with all the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy on Halloween, at a party, or going to their first comic convention, they'll be ready for anything.

  • The padded muscles add an authentic touch and help them feel as strong as an Avenger.

  • Provides hours of superhero fun for all.

  • Hand wash only for best care results.

  • Medium Size suitable for children aged 5-6 years.

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