Marvel Iron Man - Small Costume

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Now your little one can finally have the chance be just like his hero Tony Stark as he steps into this Marvel Iron Man costume!

Based on Tony Stark’s armoured suit in the Avengers: Endgame film, this deluxe costume is designed with a 3D effect for the armoured chest. The padded jumpsuit also has attached boot tops that secure over your child’s shoes with elastic straps. And no Iron Man outfit is complete without the cool helmet — or a cool mask in this case.

Whether your child is roleplaying with friends or dressing up for a party, there’s no doubt this Iron Man costume is going to be a huge hit. Your little one’s mind will run riot with creativity as Tony Stark’s genius mind is put to work in a bid to defeat the evil Thanos. Watch as your little hero, suited up in this Iron Man costume, flies off to save the day, undoing the damage Thanos has done with the Infinity stones. Can he fix the universe with the remaining Avengers and defeat Thanos for good? Let’s see where your mini Iron Man’s adventures take him!

  • An officially licensed Marvel Endgame costume.

  • Includes a mask, padded jumpsuit with a 3D effect and attached boot tops.

  • Small size suitable for children aged 3 to 4.

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3 years+


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