Marvel Spiderman - Small Costume

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Your little one can be their favourite web-slinging superhero, high above the city streets, with this Marvel Spider-Man costume. In size small, for miniature heroes aged three to four years, this is a comfortable all-in-one costume that they're sure to want to wear as often as possible.

This Spider-Man costume lets your child become the Iron Spider, first seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In minutes, they can turn from Peter Parker into their favourite Marvel superhero. For fans of the movies, comics or cartoons, this dressing-up set brings hours of fancy dress fun.

Encouraging role play, creativity and imagination, the Spider-Man costume can be used to reenact your child's favourite movie scenes. Or, they can create brand new adventures of their own. If they want a fun Halloween costume that's easy to wear, or something for games around the house, they'll love this addition to their dressing up rail.

Whether he's working with the Avengers, or saving the world on his own, Spidey is ready for anything with a full-body costume and a soft fabric mask.

  • Ideal for fans of Marvel's Spider-Man and the Avengers.

  • Dressing up fun for three to four year olds.

  • A great Halloween costume choice.

  • Features a full outfit, including fabric mask

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