Marvel Star-Lord - Medium Costume

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Who's ready to save the Galaxy?

Transform your child into the legendary interstellar explorer Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord, with this amazing costume by Rubies UK.

The jumpsuit features all the details from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy character's iconic outfit, including his signature red jacket. It also comes with a super cool Star-Lord mask, which Marvel fans will instantly recognise from the hit film Avengers Infinity War.

By wearing this costume, and by harnessing the power of your imagination, your child can bring the magic of the Marvel universe into your own home and recreate classic moments from the film franchise. Lead Gamora, Drax and the rest of the gang into battle against the supervillain Thanos, or your child can pretend they are piloting the Milano on a journey among the stars.

This is also the perfect costume to wear to a Marvel superhero costume party to make sure your child stands out among the dozens of Spidermen and Captain Americas!

  • Medium size costume will fit most 5 to 7-year-olds.

  • Maximum height it will fit is 132cm (56 inches).

  • Officially licensed Marvel costume, made by Rubies UK.

  • Helps children explore their creative side and engage in imaginative play.

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5 years+


Rubies UK

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