Marvel The Wasp - Medium Costume

Marvel The Wasp - Medium Costume


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Marvel comics have given us some great characters over the years and The Wasp is one of the best. Originally the superhero alter-ego of scientist Janet Van Dyne, this awesome creation was a founding member of the Avengers. This costume set, however, lets your little one take on the mantle of daughter Hope Van Dyne and slip on the new, improved Wasp suit to fight crime. This costume is a medium size which makes it perfect for children aged five to six. Easy to put on, it has superb detailing to it and looks just like the real thing.

As well as the cool mask included, there is six-pack style printing on the front for even more realism. Finished in kid-friendly bright colours, it is the perfect toy for dress-up play and heading out on daring missions to fight bad guys. This sort of gift is also very handy when they have a fancy dress party to attend or something similar at school. Your child is sure to love dressing up as The Wasp in this outfit and recreating all the classic scenes from the movies and comic books.

  • Authentic looking costume set based on Marvel's 'Wasp' character.

  • Medium-sized outfit ideal for ages 5 to 6.

  • Comfy to wear and easy to get on.

  • Fun, colourful design with superb detailing.

  • Perfect toy for creative play and helping develop their imagination.

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