Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Wooden Play Food Set

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Well-known for their contemporary re-makes of classic toys, Melissa & Doug have done it again with this delightful wooden fruit play set. Pear, melon, kiwi and orange are just some of the fruit available in this 17-piece wooden play set. A wooden "knife" allows the fruit to be realistically portioned - there are even convincing "fruit slicing" sounds when the fruit is divided.

Constructed from timber, the fruit, basket and knife are realistically shaped and painted in strong colours using child-friendly paint. A beautifully crafted toy, this set also presents an enormous number of play options.

This is a versatile toy that can be played with alone, or alongside other toys in a play kitchen or other setting. Suitable for toddlers and younger children, this is a gender-neutral toy that has plenty of enduring appeal.

  • An excellent tool for gently encouraging healthy eating through imaginative play.

  • The toy can be used to teach numeracy, including simple fractions.

  • Encourage sharing and cooperative play.

  • A good toy to use with other food-related toys to promote a pro-active approach to nurturing nutrition. The play can be used to spring-board discussions around food, healthy eating, food choices and similar topics.

  • Promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills.

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