Melissa & Doug Musical Farmyard

Melissa & Doug Musical Farmyard


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Nurture your child’s cognitive, motor and social skills through play with the Melissa & Doug Musical Farmyard. This brightly coloured cube is a feature-filled learning toy.

Your baby can grab the big padded handle and bump the cube on the floor to hear different animal sounds. There are four animals on the cube and each one plays its own animal sound when its nose is pressed, as well as a fun melody.

Your baby experiences different touch sensations while grabbing the knotted tags, textured ring and crinkly petals. The bright colours and bold patterns enhance your baby’s eyesight awareness, as does the plastic mirror, which has been made especially tough to withstand lots of toddler play. A sturdy teether also hangs on the side of the cube.

Learning through play is a fun way to enhance developmental skills in an engaging way. The Melissa & Doug Musical Farmyard keeps your baby occupied with numerous fun features.

  • Four animal sounds and happy melodies

  • Different textures to feel

  • Bright colours and a plastic mirror to help focus the eyes

  • This interactive early learning toy includes a teether and a large handle

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Recommended age:

6 months+


Melissa & Doug

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