Melissa & Doug Service Station Garage

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Inspiring your kid to develop their imagination, the detailed Melissa & Doug Service Station Garage includes 6 pieces for fun activities. Inspiring creative play and stimulating hand-eye coordination, this toy is more than just a playset. It offers rich interaction and demands hands-on engagement from your child, which makes it perfect for developing their motor skills.

This toy includes a two-level station, vehicles, a functional elevator, parking garage and petrol pump. With its intricate design, it’s suitable for both boys and girls between 3 and 6 years of age. The parking booth has a gate that can be lifted and lowered, much like an elevator can go up and down. Made of wood, this carry-all service station is easy to transport, thanks to a sign on the top which functions as a handle.

An item of high quality, the Melissa & Doug Service Station Garage is a toy that will bring joy to the entire family. You can join your child in problem-solving, making new and interesting turns and complications as they go. A slide on the side sees the car go through the car wash in one simple swipe of the tiny lever. Keep your kids away from television and video games for a while with this fun toy and teach them the first steps of traffic and driving.

  • Inspires creative play, develops hand-eye coordination and other motor skills

  • A full operation service station features a parking garage, elevator, car wash and petrol pump

  • Easy to carry and maintain, made of durable wood

  • For children between 3 and 6 years of age

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Melissa & Doug

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