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Teaching your child to tell the time can be difficult but adding in some fun will make the world of difference on your journey. Use the Melissa & Doug Turn & Tell Wooden Clock to engage and help your child learn how to tell the time on both digital and analogue clocks.

Firstly place one of the time cards provided in the set into the slot at the top of the clock. Now it’s time to turn the hands to match the time displayed on the card. Lastly, slide open the digital clock display to check if your answer is right.

This wooden clock promotes independent play for your child and can also help with the development of hand-eye coordination and the concept of time. Included in the set are 12 reversible time cards, and you can even make your own to carry on your little one's learning journey with this toy. 

  • Sturdy wooden toy with time card slot for time-matching activity.

  • Digital clock is hidden and will automatically change to match the analogue time that is shown.

  • Hands move independently of each other making this the perfect way of teaching and learning time.

  • This toy promotes the development of time-recognition skills and hand-eye coordination. It also encourages your child to explore independent learning through play and abstract thinking.

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