Melissa & Doug Vacuum Cleaner Play Set

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It’s never too early to get your little one involved in helping with chores, and the Melissa & Doug Vacuum Cleaner Play Set is the perfect way to show them vacuuming can be fun!

The wooden vacuum, perfectly sized for little hands, is a great way to introduce kids to the housework, so much so they may even be keen to help out for real!

The set comes with wooden pieces for children to vacuum up, including popcorn, coins, buttons, paper clips, cereal and more, which the cleaner really does collect. Then simply scatter around again to continue the fun!

Also included is a cleaning checklist which can be hung on the back of the vacuum, along with ideas for games for little ones to play with the cleaner.

A dial on the handle also rotates and clicks so the whole set is a great tool for interactive, creative play.

  • Suitable for children aged three years and over.

  • Wooden vacuum cleaner, perfectly sized for children.

  • Comes with wooden pieces - including paper clips, popcorn, a button, cereal and more - to collect in the cleaner.

  • Dial on handle rotates and clicks.

  • Comes with a cleaning checklist and extra game ideas for kids to play.

  • No batteries required.

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