Micro Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe Ride On Seated Scooter - Blue

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Available in brilliant blue or perfect pink, the Mini Micro 3-in-1 Deluxe Ride On Seated Scooter will provide your child with endless thrills and entertainment. The expertly designed scooter is built with safety (and fun!) in mind and boasts impressive features.

Suitable for children ages 12 months and up, the scooter begins as a 'sit on' scooter. Perfect for toddlers who have taken their first steps and want to explore, it comes with an adjustable seat to keep up with any growth spurts that go their way!

When they are ready to scoot, they can remove the seat and move on to Stage 2 toddler scooter with a shorter and thinner bar for better control. Once they've gotten to grips with the basics, they can move on to the Iconic Mini Micro Deluxe features of the scooter. This means using the adjustable handlebar for those ages 2+. The scooter's footplate is perfectly designed to ensure extra grip!

The Micro Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe Ride On Seated Scooter is the perfect first scooter for a child. It's a scooter that will grow with them and allow them to get some much needed fresh air and have fun whilst doing so!

  • Suitable for children age 1+

  • Adjustable features including a detachable and height adjustable seat and adjustable handlebar.

  • Designed with safety in mind

  • WARNING: Always use under close adult supervision

  • WARNING: Always wear a helmet and other protective gear. Never buy a used helmet. For safety equipment and other accessories visit

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1 year+



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