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Helping your child learn how to steer, the Micro Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter is a three-wheel toy for adventurous children between the ages of two and five. Its adjustable handlebar makes it perfect for children between 80cm and 110cm who weigh less than 35kg. This means you will be able to adjust this scooter for your kids as they grow, and then get to reuse it with their younger siblings.

Weighing just 1.8kg, this scooter is easy to store and bring with you on a trip. Available in a variety of colours, it will make your child love it even more, because they’ll stand out from the crowd. Extremely durable, it’s sure to survive occasional knocks and bumps. But fear not, its well-balanced structure is safer than ever, making it difficult for your children to seriously injure themselves.

Thanks to its anti-slip silicone footplate and soft handles, your child will be able to stand firmly while scootering away and having fun. Its rear brake adds to the scooter’s overall safety, much as its lean-to steer smart system does. Micro Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter keeps your children safe while helping them develop co-ordination and motor skills, as well as helping them keep balanced.

  • For two- to five-year-olds between 80cm and 110cm

  • Lightweight, easy to store and carry scooter with lean to steer mechanism

  • Three wheels and anti-slip silicone footplate to improve balance

  • With an adjustable handlebar and a rear brake

  • WARNING: Always use under close adult supervision

  • WARNING: Always wear a helmet and other protective gear. Never buy a used helmet. For safety equipment and other accessories visit

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2 years+



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