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Mindfulness isn’t just for grown-ups anymore!

Let your kids learn about healthy ways to manage their mind with this set of 50 fun and creative cards. Each card contains a different activity designed to help your child relax, learn everyday kindness, improve their focus on a variety of tasks and discover a calmer life.

Mindfulness works on the premise of being in the moment, something kids can often achieve much more easily than grown-ups. That makes this deck an accessible and fun way for children to relax and unwind, helping to deal with nerves and anxieties or to simply invite some all-important quiet time before sleep.

Author Whitney Stewart is experienced in meditation techniques and has adapted her own expertise in mindfulness for kids, keeping it fun, creative and appealing for toddlers all the way through to teens.

  • An easy to read 8-page instruction booklet

  • 5 useful categories of exercises

  • An accessible introduction to mindfulness for kids

  • 50 cards

  • Easy format to share with multiple children

  • Each card’s activity is adaptable for kids of all ages

  • Full-colour illustrations

  • Suitable for ages 4 up

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4 years+


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