Minecraft Sword and Pickaxe

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Creepers beware!

Minecraft is a global phenomenon and now your kids can make the game a reality. This sturdy sword and pickaxe set will allow Minecraft fans to act out both aspects of their favourite game; mining for resources by day and then fighting off hordes of monsters by night.

There’s a reason that Minecraft is the most successful video game of all time. Its mixture of building and fighting is compelling, and it offers players a chance to unleash their inner creativity by building ever more complex structures from the materials they have gathered. Now players can take this creativity out into the real world with this great toolset.

With a classic pixelated look to replicate the game’s iconic visual style, the Minecraft Sword and Pickaxe set is built to last. Don’t fight your child’s Minecraft addiction- embrace it! This toy will delight the little adventurer in your life, and perhaps get them away from the computer for a while.

  • The sword and pickaxe set allows you to act out every aspect of Minecraft gameplay.

  • The classic pixelated look matches the style of the game.

  • It's built to last with a sturdy design and a weighty feel.

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