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The perfect sensory toy, the MOLUK Bilibo is designed for children that love to move around. Children can sit in the Bilibo bowl to rock, spin and balance, developing important gross motor skills however they choose to play. This is an award-winning toy that lets your child's imagination run wild, whether they're wearing it as a space helmet or a basket for collecting their toys. The Bilibo provides endless play, growing with your child from the crawling stage right up to 7 years and beyond.

This durable toy can be used indoors and outdoors and works even on grass and thick carpet. It's great for creative and imaginative play, used as a doll's bed or a stepping stone for games of 'The Floor is Lava'. It's also ideal for autistic and ADHD children that need to move and fidget a lot. Developing important physical skills, as well as allowing little ones to use their brains in whole new ways, the Bilibo is sure to be a favourite addition to a toy box.

  • Develops gross motor and physical skills.

  • A versatile and durable toy.

  • So many ways to play.

  • The ideal toy for children that need to fidget and move.

  • Encourages children to use their imagination.

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2 years+



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