Moluk Plui Rain Cloud

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Now your little one can create their very own rainfall with this playful bath time toy.

The Moluk Plui Rain Cloud is great fun for little ones in the bath, making what can be an irksome chore playful and engaging!

Simply submerge the cloud in the bathwater, wait for it to fill up and then raise it into the air to let it rain! To stop the rainfall, place a finger over the hole on top of the cloud. If only controlling the weather was as easy in real life!

The cloud toy is not only a great way to engage children in bath time, but also helps introduce them to water and is fantastic for developing imaginative play.

  • Suitable for children aged 24 months and up.

  • Submerge in water to fill up the cloud and then watch it rain.

  • Great bath time toy to introduce little ones to water and develop imaginative play.

  • Makes bath time fun and enjoyable.

  • To stop the rainfall, simply place a finger over the hole on the top of the cloud.

  • Easy to clean.

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2 years+



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